What is Apache Petri?

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The Apache Petri (as in “petri dish” –where cultures are grown and bloom) committee assists external project communities interested in becoming an Apache project to learn how The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) works, its views on community, and how to build a healthy community for the long -term.

Petri’s mission is to mentor existing external communities (“cultures”) about “The Apache Way” by focusing on community governance that includes discussions about ASF policies. The mentoring and education is conducted on a mailing list.

The primary goal is to reach a point where a recommendation to the ASF Board can be made to construct a new Apache Project Management Committee (PMC) for the external community.

About "The Apache Way"

Which communities are currently mentored by Apache Petri?

None Currently

How can our project/community apply for Apache Petri mentorship?

Email discuss@petri.apache.org (public list; subscription not required) or private@petri.apache.org (private list, only Apache Petri PMC members and Apache Members can subscribe) and introduce yourself! We don’t have any forms or questionnaires, but may introduce these should the need arise.

Do you have additional questions?

Please read our FAQ or ask questions on discuss@petri.apache.org

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